Martian Blues should be out in about six weeks!  I’m eagerly awaiting it, even as I continue to write the next title in the Martian Symbiont series.  Thank you to everyone who read the first title, Been Blued.

Please, please, please read the prologue.  It’s a solid connection from the ending of Been Blued into the start of Martian Blues. 

There are bits of trivia in the third title that only people who have read the first two novels will pick up on.  I admit, I’m trying to build a readership partly by rewarding ‘faithful’ readers with such details.  They’ll be able to answer questions from casual readers with such phrases as, “if you’d read the second book in the series, you’d know that!”

I wasn’t sure whether a hardcover would appeal to my readers.  They are more expensive, and unless you’re an avid collector, it doesn’t make much sense to create them.  Then again, it’s a learning process.  I don’t know how many readers might want the hardcover instead.  Once Martian Blues is available, you will be able to order it as a hardcover through the usual channels: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iUniverse, etc.  Personally, I’ll be concentrating on making the paperback edition available, at least at the beginning.

Thanks for reading.  🙂

Phyllis K Twombly

About Scifialiens

Author of the Martian Symbiont series: three titles, so far; Been Blued, Martian Blues, Martian Divides. Currently writing screenplays. 'Mating With Humans' can be found on her account. Enjoyed writing from the start. Also a Star Trek and Doctor Who fan. Canadian so far. Paternal grandparents were American. Feels more at home in the States. Loves dogs and most other animals. Loves cats from afar--allergies. Plays flute and saxophone; 'messes with' keyboard and electric guitar. Single so far. Not really looking at the moment. Age: irrelevant. Not to be confused with the fictional comic book character, Phyllis Twombly, who lived for 600 years in the American Midwest.

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  1. Cliff Burns says:

    Good luck with your efforts and I hope you find a readership for your work. The new technologies allow for a diversity of voices–may yours be distinctive and literate (and the rewards commensurate)…

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