2009 is the International Year of Astronomy! 

Look up…waaaaaay up! This is the International Year of Astronomy. It’s great, because the universe ties into everything. And in an ironic interaction with things that move slower, Canada Post now has a set of  collectible stamps to commemorate it. Oddly enough, that’s how I discovered it. You’d think a scifi author would have been informed sooner, but nooooo… I blame the aliens. 😉

It’s not too late to plan various activities. Personally, I’m going to keep (researching and) writing my fourth novel but here are a few ways you could celebrate the International Year of Astronomy:

Serious Events:

Buy a telescope and learn how to use it.

Visit a science center or planetarium.

Volunteer to help schools arrange a science fair. 

Fun Stuff:

Watch the new Star Trek movie.

Attend a science fiction convention or hold your own.

Read a scifi novel…

We still have most of this year to commemorate the International Year of Astronomy. Like the night sky itself, the possibilities are endless. Here on Earth, lets thank the many scientists who keep us looking skyward, and the myriad of organizations such as NASA who keep giving us a glimpse of what’s out there.

 Thanks for reading.  🙂

Phyllis K Twombly


About Scifialiens

Author of the Martian Symbiont series: three titles, so far; Been Blued, Martian Blues, Martian Divides. Currently writing screenplays. 'Mating With Humans' can be found on her Stage32.com account. Enjoyed writing from the start. Also a Star Trek and Doctor Who fan. Canadian so far. Paternal grandparents were American. Feels more at home in the States. Loves dogs and most other animals. Loves cats from afar--allergies. Plays flute and saxophone; 'messes with' keyboard and electric guitar. Single so far. Not really looking at the moment. Age: irrelevant. Not to be confused with the fictional comic book character, Phyllis Twombly, who lived for 600 years in the American Midwest.

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