Wondering if you’re brilliant or not? This might help…

1.  Childhood

You find other children mildly entertaining but don’t really relate. You’re much more comfortable in the company of adults. You prefer to help assemble things or solve problems than play with your own age group. Solutions that may elude adults are obvious to you.

2.  Education

You’ve skipped at least one grade and still get some of the highest marks in your class. The school system places you into a program for gifted kids. (By the third year of the program the teacher and loosely defined curriculum are no longer entertaining.) You’re the youngest member of your graduating class.

3.  Idealism

You have an expectation for people and the world in general to live up to their highest potential. You’re disappointed when they often don’t and sorely tempted to point this out to them. (Don’t. Just don’t.)

You understand what could be and may even know how to bring it about but you’re only one person. This may lead to a feeling of isolation which can lead to loneliness if you’re not careful.

4.  Attitude

You exhibit more of an interest in the things that keep your mind engaged even to the point of avoiding what others expect of you. Social interaction may suffer since you often don’t find equals to talk to or people who share your interests. Or you choose to discuss less complicated topics with them.

Early on you should choose to interact with people because, really, what else is there? Without the people everything falls apart including the future you want.

5.  How Others Treat You

They don’t bother looking up spellings or definitions, they just ask you. They also ask you an odd variety of questions about history, mathematics, science or other offbeat subjects because they expect you to know. “Hey, define ‘quark’ for me.” The odd thing is, most of the time you do know the answer. The surprise only comes when you don’t.

It can come as a surprise to you to find others acknowledge your area(s) of giftedness. They may push you to excel in that area; that’s what friends are for. Or they may mock you; that’s what enemies are for.

6.  Strange Abilities

You’ve never seen it before and it arrived in pieces but you’ll put it together in working order without leftover bits while others are still looking for the instructions. Things that break down often are brought to you because nobody else  has the patience to fiddle with them.

You may have no computer skills but people still ask you how to fix their problems because you usually can. You sometimes buy things to put together because you’re bored.

7.  Offbeat Sense of Humor

Somebody else looks at the sign, ‘no shirt, no shoes, no service,’ and considers their own outfit. You think ‘great, the guy behind the counter with no shirt and no shoes won’t serve anyone either.’ And then you smirk as you decide it’s for the best.

If you suspect you are brilliant you should avoid most personality tests. Either you’ll outwit them or they’ll consist of multiple choice options that you never would have chosen. The results will not be accurate and you’ll end up thinking, ‘that doesn’t sound like me.’ Because it isn’t.

About Scifialiens

Author of the Martian Symbiont series: three titles, so far; Been Blued, Martian Blues, Martian Divides. Currently writing screenplays. 'Mating With Humans' can be found on her Stage32.com account. Enjoyed writing from the start. Also a Star Trek and Doctor Who fan. Canadian so far. Paternal grandparents were American. Feels more at home in the States. Loves dogs and most other animals. Loves cats from afar--allergies. Plays flute and saxophone; 'messes with' keyboard and electric guitar. Single so far. Not really looking at the moment. Age: irrelevant. Not to be confused with the fictional comic book character, Phyllis Twombly, who lived for 600 years in the American Midwest.

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  1. Car says:

    2 out of 7 isn’t too bad hehe

  2. scifialiens says:

    Sure, there are different levels of ‘brilliant…’

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